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10 Reasons for Drinking Protein Shakes

November 1, 2017

You go into the gym and kill a awesome workout. What happens next could be crucial to the gains received from the workout. Sure protein intake can be reached by diet alone. In reality people aren’t getting the required amount. I believe counting how many grams you consume is necessary for someone to reach the correct amount. The bare minimum a person should have is 0.5 grams per pound of body weight. Enough of the talk about grams of protein here are the top 10 reasons for drinking protein shakes.


#1 Training + Recovery = RESULTS :

As your training progresses, your recovery needs to increase. Drinking protein can help speed the recovery process up.

#2 Recover faster, Train harder :

By drinking a post workout shake within 30 minutes of completing exercise will help speed up recovery. If you recover faster you can train longer and harder.


#3 Most important meal of the day? Breakfast?

Your body is depleted from fasting all night while sleeping. In this day and age people hate eating breakfast. So this makes your next meal even more important especially if you exercise in the morning. If you skip breakfast ( which you shouldn’t) and workout the post workout shake will be even more crucial. Either that or take 3 frozen chicken breasts with you and slap the foreman grill on the car roof to cook them after the workout. It would be much easier to take your favorite flavor protein shake with you for after the workout.


#4 A correctly consumed post workout shake will account for 5-7% body fat change per year. This is without changing anything else!


#5 Speed recovery up by a full day :

It’s estimated that someone can speed the recovery process up by one full day by properly drinking a post workout shake. It’s important though to put the right type of nutrients into your body. There are several different types of protein based shakes casein, whey, beef, and soy ( soy is bad, plain and simple). If you don’t know what you should be drinking reach out to someone who knows for example a personal trainer or nutritionist


#6 Decrease post exercise cortisol :

After exercise cortisol can spike up by 80% in the human body. By using supplementation of protein this can be cut in half.


#7 Increase insulin concentrations  :

By increasing insulin, extra glucose and amino acids, in the blood will be absorbed into the muscles faster.


#8 Rapid Glycogen Replenishment :

If nutrients aren’t provided after exercise, glycogen replenishment won’t occur. Lifting weights can deplete the glycogen by 33%. Help it get restored faster with a post workout shake.


#9 Stimulation of Protein Synthetic Pathway :

Insulin Treatment - 50% higher

Amino Acid Infusion - 150% higher

24 Hours Post - Exercise - 100% higher

Amino Acid (Protein) Immediately Post - Exercise - 200% higher

Protein synthesis - lean muscle development at a faster rate = more fat loss = you getting the beach body for summer.


#10 Positive Protein Status :

With the body being fasted, during exercise and post exercise, protein status is negative. When protein status is fed, it increases the amount of protein being retained.



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